Crossaid Wholesale

Last year, we launched Crossaid Wholesale which is an exclusive service for boutique owners that offers our custom t-shirts at a much lower, wholesale rate.

Within our wholesale offering, you can choose from a variety of fresh designs that we update constantly and after agreeing to the terms of wholesale ordering, you will be given access to a 'Members Only' section of our website so that you can stay up-to-date with our current offers, sales, etc.


An email will be sent out regularly that will keep you up-to-date with what designs are available. Once you commit to the annual purchase amount, you will be the only boutique to carry Crossaid in your zip code.

Need help with marketing your Crossaid products? We'll help with that too!

Questions? Fill out the contact form here & we will contact you within 24 hours. 

Shopping Wholesale has it's Perks...



While we do have set terms and conditions for ordering Crossaid Wholesale, we do not require you to order a large amount of one design in order to carry it. We provide line sheets in the 'Members Only' area that lets you order as many or as few as you want of any design we're offering. 



Each design you purchase from Crossaid Wholesale will be accompanied by a mock-up photograph file for you to use for your marketing efforts. Mock-ups are either styled flat lays or models wearing the design. You can use the provided mock-ups as long as you are in partnership with Crossaid. 



We understand competition is high in the fashion industry which is why we created the ability for boutiques to access exclusivity. You must reach the purchase threshold to gain access to this perk which guarantees you are the only business carrying our brand in your zip code.